12 Steps to Lust:A tarot guide to midlife for the aspiring modern Witch: Step 7 The Lovers

 72dpi-6b-lovers-al-4thMeeting your dark twin in the form of another person is a distinct possibility at this time, but do not be fooled by intense, passionate and hypnotic attractions. Although this new, exciting and compulsive relationship that you suddenly discover may lead you into dark, dangerous and perhaps previously unexplored territory, the real mission behind it is your own very important, voyage of self discovery, which may be sexual, or otherwise. This does not mean that said “soul mate” is redundant, but more that they are perhaps more of a co-pilot, to help you navigate the sometimes stormy waters of your own soul. Images of being devoured, of devouring78cdbf02edb3501e6a51a492c3c505af, of being consumed by the darkness of your own passion, and exuberant and unrestrained sexuality are all common at this time, even if for some years you have been adopting the habits of a nun…. The habits are apt to be dropped!!!…. Suddenly a need may surface to be all that you never have been, a call to liberation that you may have unconsciously been waiting for, for years.  Ultimately, the person that you need to discover, if you haven’t already, IS YOU. This may be revealed to you in the midst of a wildly exciting, passionate, no holds barred and torrid affair, but the end result, further knowledge of the self is likely to be what, in the end, it is all about. At this time in your life, it remains important to remember the words, “if not me then who?, and if not now, then when?”

Art Credit: Robert Place: The Alchemical Tarot 4

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